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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be aware that we do now no longer provide refunds until in any other case said via way of means of us in writing previous to our receipt of cleared funds. All monies have to be paid earlier for all paintings carried out. Any stability brilliant to us has to be settled inside forty-eight hours (until agreed in any other case). Any stability brilliant to the patron might be used as a shape of credit score that may be utilized in destiny investigations. We provide no assurance of outcomes in any surveillance or outbound paintings that we undertake.

We will now no longer be held chargeable for any lack of the challenge even as on surveillance and any hours booked previous to the beginning of any activity might be the hour's payable withinside the occasion of any loss or cancellation We provide a preliminary loose session without dedication to proceed. Confidentiality and reticence are assured.

NIPI detective is a complete carrier detective agency, imparting non-public research Training offerings to individuals, companies, and groups over a huge variety of espionage and surveillance activities. We offer research for crook cases, forensic tests, financial institution frauds, worker verification, competitor's research, coverage claims, matrimonial verifications, Polygraphs check, and offerings, lie detection check offerings, and greater. The whole document of research and the call of the customers are saved strictly exclusive and discreet in any circumstance. With greater danger and obligations are available diverse things of enterprise and private life, it turns into obligatory to take all feasible protection measures to keep away from destiny problems.

Through our vast research offerings, we offer specific statistics/inputs that help our customers to formulate a powerful solution. After figuring out the character of the problem, we behavior fact-primarily based totally research in strict time table to offer vital feedback/statistics to the clients. Our crew of investigators includes pro experts having large revel in managing research technicalities. It is the handiest of the powerful and moral offerings that offer us 80% of enterprise via reference. NIPI is owned via way of means of Miss Santosh Godara, Godara,s, who has years of revel in as an investigator with a number of the world's maximum famend investigating agencies. We have a crew of investigators with legal & regulation enforcement historical past and boost technological resources.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing report of any kind from Nipi Detective Network India you agree to the terms and conditions and notices contained herein.

1. All transactions will be in Indian currency with applicable services taxes etc., upfront.

2. We reserve the right to change the terms and condition of the services offered by us at any time and without notice.

3. By ordering a report you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and have the legal authority to enter into this agreement and use this service in accordance with all terms and conditions set forth.

4. You also warrant that all information provided by you or any member of your household/commercial establishment/management for hiring these services are true and accurate.

5. To the fullest extent permitted by law the information is provided as is without warranty of any kind, express or implied including but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose title implied warranties of merchantability.

6. In addition, Nipi Detective Network India and its affiliates agents and employees are not liable to any party for any special consequential direct or indirect damages for any correspondence between customers and their search subjects or any reunion resulting from use of our information

7. Nipi Detective Network India will have no obligation or liability to the client or any third party for any delay or failure of its network due to circumstances beyond its control.


8. Client shall indemnify defend and hold harmless Nipi Detective Network India from any all claims, damages or liability whatever arising out of the services or data.

9. By purchasing Nipi Detective Network India. Services you agree that you intend to use any and all information provided to you by Nipi Detective Network India. and its employees only for a use which will cause no emotional or physical harm to any person.


10. All notices hereunder shall be given in writing to Nipi Detective Network India by certified mail return receipt prepaid postage to the address of Nipi Detective Network India or handed over to the authorized personal of the said agency.

11. The client shall pay reasonable attorney’s fees and all costs incurred by Nipi Detective Network India

12. Nipi Detective Network India. assures the client that it will use best means and efforts to fulfill clients requirements in the most efficient and expeditious manner.

13. If any action shall be brought on account of any breach of or to enforce any of the terms or conditions of this agreement Nipi Detective Network India shall be entitled to receive from client a reasonable attorney’s fee.


14. As a condition of accepting this agreement, you warrant that you will not use this information either intentionally or unintentionally to violate any applicable local law, state law, Indian Penal Code, Federal or international law or regulations.

15. We strive to offer the best of services and solutions to our clients, however, the results might vary sometimes, may be negative in some cases, or not on the expected lines, due to the circumstances or nature of the cases. Irrespective of the results or outcomes to, clients are liable to pay the payment or full amount agreed upon at the start of the project.

16. You, or anybody else who enters with us in an agreement, is /are bound by this terms and conditions to not post anything defamatory against us, on any channels or in any networks on the internet, ever. You are also bound to not write anywhere on the internet anything that harms the reputation of NIPI, or maligns the brand image or puts the company in bad light, Irrespective of the results or quality of services or solutions provided or offered by NIPI India.  

17. If you however are not happy or satisfied with any aspect of our services or solutions provided to you, you can first write in to us, email us, or contact us for appropriate redress of the matter. Even if the problem exists, you can then take the legal recourse, but not and never can you place or say anything negative against us on the internet.  

18. Irrespective of your location, notwithstanding the city, area, region or country where you live, all disputes or dissatisfaction related cases will only be furnished to Jaipur judicial, or any legal case against NIPI India can only be pursued under the Jaipur jurisdiction. 


19. The client is responsible for giving all information about the subject correctly and completely as this is our only means to begin and complete the requested report. Once the payment has been made for any research, no refunds will be given to the client.

20. Client agrees to be fully responsible for payment once research has commenced on behalf of the client irrespective of whether the client needs or do not want the information any longer.

21. Clients will execute this agreement upon payment for a search/investigation.

22. All information gathered through this investigation details will be treated with utmost integrity, discretion and in the strictest confidence.         

23. We take 100% Advance Payment a week before start working on the projects/assignments of any nature; and the payment thus received is non-refundable, irrespective of the conditions/situations, or also in cases of where clients abruptly decide to discontinue availing our services due to whatsoever reasons.


24. We offer Information to the client either verbally or in writing, depending on the nature/ Kind of assignment.

25. Anyone – whether an individual or entity - who enters with us in a verbal/ written agreement is bound to abide by our Report Collection Clause, which is in place due to the sensitive nature of our business. As per the clause, we, at Nipi Detective Network India, immediately hand over the verbal / written reports or videos to the client in the event of closure of an assignment. This is also done for security purpose. In no condition shall we keep reports or videos in the office, and clients must understand that well. So, you, or any client, must collect the verbal/ written reports within 30 days from the date of assigning of case to us. After this period, Nipi Detective Network India. will destroy all information and documents pertaining to the case/s executed in the said period. In case of non-receipt of reports, the responsibility lies completely with the client and Nipi Detective Network India can't be held accountable for that. Neither does Nipi Detective Network India. will hold any liability on any damages caused to the Client.

26. In case of any police case, litigation etc. against Nipi Detective Network India or any of its offices/members/agents arising out of the above case, all the cost/expenses including expenditure in Court cases, if any arising while concluding the case, will be paid/ bore by the client.

27. Nipi Detective Network India. will always be indemnified defended and held harmless from any and all claims, damages or liability whatever arising out of the services.

28. Payments would be based on the requirements of the customer query/issue.

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